Bike Transportation

3Sports offers two ways for you to get your bicycle around the globe. We have bike cases available for rent for those who want to travel with their bicycle. And we’re also more than happy to professionally box your bike and ship it to its destination via UPS. The following outlines both options:

Case Rentals

3Sports has two (a single and a double) TriAll3 Sports cases available for rent. Availability is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. The cost of a one-week rental is $100.00 for the double case and $75.00 for the single case. If you need to rent the case for more than a week we‘ll discuss your options and associated costs based upon your particular situation. We’ll assist you in securely packing your bike into the case prior to travel. It’s generally a good idea to reserve your case rental well in advance of your travel date, just give us a call.

Bike Shipping

3Sports can handle all of your bike packaging and shipping needs. The cost to disassemble and box a bike is $40.00. In addition, you are responsible for the applicable UPS shipping costs. This generally ranges anywhere from $35.00 to $85.00 depending on the final destination of the package. We usually ship all bikes via UPS Ground service but there are options for faster delivery if required. All shipments are insured based upon the value of the contents.

Bike Receiving

3Sports can also receive a bike for you and assemble it upon arrival. Our assembly fee is $40.00. Get in touch for full details about your specific shipping and receiving needs.