We’re bike fanatics, it’s that simple. There is nothing on a bike we haven’t seen, fixed, worked on, tinkered with, taken apart and put back together again. Our mechanics have been trained by the best in the business including Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, Barnett’s Bicycle Institute and USA Cycling’s Race Mechanic Program. This dedication to education and excellence sets us far apart from the run of the mill sprocket monkey.

We don’t just know our way around a tool box, we’re a group of creative problem solvers who thrive on challenges and believe that while there are many ways you can do something, there’s only one way of getting the job done right. We even started our own tool company because we needed better, more precise tools than what was available on the market to handle some of the repairs we regularly perform. Check it out: You definitely want us working on your bike.